The History

20 km east of Rethymno is Panormos. The town was firstly called Kastelli, but was renamed Panormos because of the Church of St. George of Panormos, located in the area.

In modern history, Panormo was the important port for the transportation of agricultural products, such as olive oil and carob. During the German occupation the village was bombed. After that, the small fishing village turned into a tourist resort, and in 1980 the port as we see it now, was built. The small village with its sandy beaches have easy access from the Northern Road of Crete.

The Beaches

Panormo is a natural harbour with calm waters. There you will find two large beaches and some smaller ones. Its main beach is called Limanaki, in front of the village. It is sandy and has clear waters. It is ideal for children, as it is shallow and is protected to the East by a pier, where the boats dock. It is organized, with umbrellas, showers, water sports and all kinds of accommodation.

The western beach of the area is located just 200 metres from the beach. Similarly to Limanaki, it is a sandy, organized beach protected from the winds by a pier.

Further west is a small pebble Bay, ideal for isolation and snorkeling.

Panormo is ideal for couples and families seeking tranquillity away from the over-developed villages of Northern Crete.

Rent your boat now and visit this beautiful beach!