Geropotamos Beach (old river)

Geropotamos is a large river formed by collecting water from many tributaries on the north side of Psiloritis. Shortly before its exit to the sea, it joins Mylopotamos. There at its mouth, a unique landscape is formed. Under a bridge, 18 km east of Rethymnon and 3 km west of Panormos, the river meets the sea through rocky scenery. A few meters away, there is a straight sandy beach with blue, crystal clear deep waters, where the sea water is joined with the river water, forcing the water temperature to stay at the cold spectrum.

You can find sunbeds, umbrellas, a bar, and a tavern on the coast. For those who are not into crowded places, there is enough space to set up their umbrella and park their car. Attention from the west side of the coast as there is a risk of landslides.