Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can rent one of our six boats (Iasonas, Achilleas, Konstantinos, Katerina, Nikos, Agrofylakas) that don’t require a diploma or a special license.

It’s like riding a bike! It’s very easy and we are going to explain to you all you need to know about the boat, the engine and the sea before you sale off.

Of course if you like we can provide you a captain with extra charge 10€ per hour.

You should have with you, your ID and a credit card.

In case you are renting one of our bigger boats that requires license, you have to bring with you your license/diploma.

Fuel consumption depends on many factors. Below we approach the comsumption per engine in combination with some factors such as engine speed (rpm), boat load (kg) and wind power (beaufort).

  • Fuel consumption for the 30 hp engine ranges from 2.5 ltr to 10 ltr / hour.
  • Fuel consumption for the 75 hp engine ranges from 5 ltr to 20 ltr / hour.
  • Fuel consumption for the 150 hp engine ranges from 10 ltr to 40 ltr / hour.

We created a table, so you can get an idea about the fuel consumption with some examples:

CAPACITY (full tank)
150kg (load)
wind ≈1 Beaufort
250kg (load)
wind ≈2 Beaufort
>350kg (load)
wind ≈3 Beaufort
30hp 30 ltr 2.5 - 5 ltr/hour 5-7.5 ltr/hour 7.5-10 ltr/hour
75hp 85 ltr 5-10 ltr/hour 10-15 ltr/hour 15-20 ltr/hour
150hp 190 ltr 10-17.5 ltr/hour 17.5-25 ltr/hour 27.5-40 ltr/hour
* The consumptions listed above apply for hours of continuous operation. As long as the engine is off, there is no consumption.

Time is always calculated at calm speeds, for maximum fuel economy, safety and your fun!

For long distances it is mandatory for our company to know this, in order to ensure the safety of the customers, such as fuel filling and informing the captain with an extra course for any emergency.

Deatination Time
Old town 1 hour
Forteza 1 hour
Beach of Rethymno 2 hours
Gerani 3 hours
Caves 3 hours
Petres 4 hours
Spilies Beach 4 hours
Kamara (Stone Door) 4 hours
Georgioupol 5 hours
Secret Beach 5 hours
Geropotamos Beach (old river) 5 hours
Small port of Lavrys 5 hours
Red Village 6 hours
Panormos 6 hours
Marathi 7 hours
Suda 7 hours
Bali Beach 8 hours
Fodele 10 hours
Seitan Limania 12 hours
Ag. Pelagia 12 hours

The wind is the first thing we have to check before we sail off and it is the key factor that determines whether we can sail or not.

If the wind force is over 4 Beaufort it is prohibited by the port authorities. However, when the wind is between 3 and 4 Beaufort, the waves can spoil your fun (it is going to be very bouncy) so we don’t suggest sailing with that wind. Another case that we prohibit our boats to sail is that the wind is 2 Beaufort west. In these conditions the sea is very dangerous.

The ideal wind conditions are from 0 to 2 Beaufort (with the exception of 2 Beaufort west).