Boat Trip: Sunset & Rethymno with night lights

The trip starts from the venetian harbor, where the meeting point is. We ‘ll visit the Pirates’ Caves, the Stone Gate (Kamara), we ‘ll have a short swim break at a secret beach and we ‘ll watch the beautiful sunset and Rethymno’s night lights.

Boat Route

  • Rethymno’s Beach

    Rethymno Beach

    You ‘ll get to see Rethymno’s beach, one of the most longest beaches in Europe, from a different angle. It is 13km long and it starts after the venetian port. The beach front stretches all the way to Skaleta. It is one of the most busiest beach of Rethymno but never seems too crowded

  • Pirates’ Caves

    Pirates' Caves

    We ‘ll pass from the Pirates’ Caves. They were named so because the pirates hid their ships there. There are also rumors about treasures. One of these caves was named from the pirates “The lion’s cave”.

  • Kamara (Stone Gate)


    A naturally formed stone gate.

  • Secret Beach

    Secret Beach

    We ‘ll stop for a short swim break at the secret beach next to Kamara. It is a beach that can only be visited from the sea which makes it private and quiet.

  • Rethymno’s Sunset

    Rethymno's Sunset

    After the swim, we ‘ll start getting back in order to enjoy the beautiful sunset. So get some filters ready on your camera because this is something that it deserves many photos

  • Rethymno’s night lights

    Rethymno's Night Light

    At this time, the view of the city of Rethymno will be much brighter since the night lights of the city will be on. One of the most amazing sights and something you have to see from afar to enjoy.

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