Manousakis Marine - Boat Rental Rethymno
Manousakis Marine - Boat Rental Rethymno



Our company offers the possibility of renting boats without requiring a diploma or certificate, it can be rented by anybody, we will also provide fishing equipment for those interested in fishing... You may rent the boat from the port or the Marina or you may rent it with a transfer trolley and travel where ever you may want at crete! We have a fully equipped fleet!

The imagination of exploring the vast waters of the Cretan Sea either by yourself or with family and friends, may now be reality! Our team try to offer you special adventures in the Cretan waters, our fleet has 3 boats " Constantine", "Achiles" and "Jason".

In particular, we offer you the possibility to travel for 3 hours for a short excursion to the Cretan beaches and the villages of the area or for fishing and diving in the crystal clear waters of the sea !!! If you wish for a longer trip you can rent our boat for 4 or 6 hours so you can enjoy the magical scenery of Crete even more ... But if you want a really special experience, we offer you a full day trip as long as you wish so you can watch the sunrise the sunset through the water and explore even more places around Crete ...

"Constantine", "Achilles" and "Jason" can accommodate up to 4 adults... Our boats are located in the Venetian harbor of Rethymnon and are waiting for you to spend unforgettable experiences and unique memories you !!!

Manousakis Marine - Boat Rental Rethymno

What We Offer

1 Hour Ride

Gain the amazing experience to go around with a small boat with your friends and just chilling or exploring around!

Go Fishing

For those who love fishing, we have prepared a route that will fascinate you.

Explore Coasts

The best way to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the nearby coasts! Explore the surroundings by the sea!

Boat Routes

Here we will have the time to swim and dive around the boat, explore the nearby coasts and visit the beautiful north beaches or Rethymno!

Prices - Features

Boat that no license is required


Boat License NOT Required
  • Boat Dimensions: 1.60m width x 4.85m length
  • Engine: Mercury 30 power trim
  • 2nd Emergency Engine: Mercury 3,5HP
  • Capacity: 4 persons
  • Equipment: GPS, Fishing depth finder, Life saving equipment
Boat that license is required


Boat License REQUIRED
  • Boat Dimensions: 2.45m width x 6.50m length
  • Engine: Mercury 150 power trim
  • 2nd Emergency Engine: YAMAHA 8HP
  • Capacity: 6 persons
  • Equipment: GPS + Maps, Life saving equipment
Manousakis Marine - Boat Rental Rethymno

Diving Trips

For diving lovers we also suggest 2 excursions that cover all tastes and experience levels. The following are our suggestions from the coastal experience but mainly for your own fun. You can choose to make your trip to any other place you wish.

Jet Ski

Snorkeling at Pirates' Caves

About 3 hours trip One Free Water Sport
  • 1 person 250€
  • 2 persons 320€ (160/person)
  • 3 persons 375€ (125/person)
  • 4 persons 440€ (110/person)
  • 5 persons 480€ (96/person)
  • 6 persons 540€ (90/person)
Rings - Water Sports

Scuba Diving in Diving Park

About 5 hours trip
  • 1 person 380€
  • 2 persons 460€ (230/person)
  • 3 persons 525€ (175/person)
  • 4 persons 580€ (145/person)
  • 5 persons 625€ (125/person)
  • 6 persons 660€ (110/person)
Manousakis Marine - Boat Rental Rethymno

Water Sports

Jet Ski

Jet Ski

  • 1 person 15 min: 40€
  • 2 persons 15 min: 50€
Rings - Water Sports


  • Per Person: 20€
  • minimum 2 persons
Sofa - Water Sports


  • Per Person: 20€
  • minimum 2 persons
Caves Safari

Caves Safari

  • Jet Ski: 150€/jet
  • Boat: 150€/hour
Manousakis Marine - Boat Rental Rethymno

Contact Details

Contact Info

For any further information or clarifications do not hesitate to contact us at the following info or by filling in the contact form.

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74100 Crete - Greece

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